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COLDPLAY IS MY EVERYTHING AND IF YOU LIKE IT WE ARE ALREADY FRINEDS OK. I love Emma Watson, Naya Rivera, , Adam Levine, The Walking Dead, The Lord of The Rings, Arrow, The Voice, landscapes, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, Spyro and videogames in general. Gleek from the very beginning and always will be even though Glee sucks so bad right now. Brittana is endgame. One of my frustrated dreams is being a pro at skateboarding, and my dream is to become a successful actor and musician who is actually good at it. If I see something I like, I reblog it. And if you need to talk to someone about literally ANYTHING my ask is always open

Life goal: get hot by eating pizza and donuts everyday

I cant defeat volga at skyloft ugj

My mom has this big hopes on me that i will have a perfect family and children but it actually annoys me like what if i dont ever get married or if i dont want kids i mean its my life stop planning ir




do centaur babies suckle from the horse nipples or the human nipples tho

Centaurs aren’t real. Do you understand that?

yes that is why i made a tumblr post about this instead of just asking a real centaur

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I am a lonely person and i actually like it and enjoy being with myself but i would like to have a friend who played hyrule warriors with me